Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Getting used to a new bass and more

Hey guys!

Yesterday I excitedly picked up my new bass - a Wood & Tronics Chronos 5. It's a very, very nice instrument and probably the nicest and quickest bass I've played, let alone owned. I'm very pleased with it, even after having it for only 24 hours! It's strange because despite owning 5 string basses before this is the first one which is tuned E-C (no low B string, which is the usual vibe for 5 string basses). This opens up a whole new world of experimentation with chords, soloing and melody, though it's going to take some time to get used to the fact that all my strings have effectively moved up one and the B has disappeared; strange for an experienced bassist to say that I know but it's true!

I didn't know anything about W & T until I stumbled across this in the Bass Gallery in Camden Town here in London. If you're a bassist and you've never been there then get yourself down there - it's an unassuming looking shop on Royal College Street, housing the best of high-end basses, amps, effects units, strings, you name it, they got it. They're also incredibly nice guys and one of the luthiers, Martin Petersen, has been building his signature Sei basses for a long time now. Gorgeous instruments, though I haven't taken the plunge with one yet (I will one day).

Anyway, rambling again. W & T (http://www.wtbasses.net/home.aspx) are an Italian company, and their design and goals give a little nod in the way of Fodera, if you're wondering what angle they're going for. I've not had the fortune of playing a Fodera yet myself but I honestly believe it'd be tough to hear something much better from one, simply because the tone of this is so damn gorgeous. Really cuts through, chords sound crisp and clear, the neck is unbelievably fast and the size of the neck, though comparatively low at 32 inches, is comfortable and snug (though I do have small hands...those that know me know I'm no 6 footer!). Check these guys out - and if you're lucky enough to stumble across a used one, or if you can afford a new one, try them out. This is top notch.

Coincidentally if you follow me on Twitter @caimarlegarcia , you can listen to a rough mix of a new track with the Chronos, with a little solo at the end. Take a listen and tell me what you think. This clip will be going up on my website shortly along with a video review of the bass. I got used to it a little more in preparation for the recording by having a jam with an old mate of mine, who you can also follow on Twitter @quietoutlaw. He's a Twitter fiend and a massive music / jazz buff so follow him for sure!

Enough from me for tonight, bit more practice and then sleep!


Cai x

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