Sunday, 30 October 2011

Let's get back on the horse...

Hey all!

So, it's been a really long time since I've posted on here. I've been using Twitter / Facebook continuously and it suits my musings / happenings as they usually happen in short bursts! 2011 has been a strange year so far, taking a break from my own fusion-orientated music and working on pop gigs and sessions, aside from doing lots of writing.
However, recently I've got the bug again, and have been writing and getting my chops back into shape for my newest fusion tunes and upcoming rehearsals. I'm very excited about the new direction of some of the tunes, and am generally in a better state of mind than I have been for a while.

It's funny how not being 'in the zone' to shed for hours and hours can put you off-track at times and as my man Janek Gwizdala details more eloquently over on his page and blog, it's hard to know what to focus on when practicing or writing when there always seems like there's so much to cover. Recently it's been specific solos (sax and guitar as well as bass) to help push my vocabulary and keep pushing my technical level further. One specific solo I came back to over the last week or so has been Coltrane's on 'Moment's Notice'. It doesn't matter what style you play, or the ability you're at, working out and playing through something like this will improve your vocab and skill immeasurably. As I always say to my students, speed isn't important when practicing. Clarity and playing clean is the goal. 

I'll be updating this more regularly from now on, though do follow me on Twitter to be right up-to-date. I'll be heading to Bass Day U.K. next week so stay tuned and follow me on 'caimarlegarcia' to get my thoughts on the day and checking out as much gear as possible. Tomorrow I'm picking up a new bass - so expect my next blog entry to follow this one very closely, and excitedly!

Now go download 'Moment's Notice' from iTunes, and 'Transcribe' (or 'Robick' for iPhone / iPad users). Slow it down, work out Trane's solo and reap the rewards. 


Cai x  

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